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PROTECTION OF GIVEN PERSONAL makes a commitment not to communicate the name specific data (name, address, telephone, email, etc.) or those relative to the payment who will have been passed on to him to some company  or third body that it is safe in the following cases:

  1. within the framework of the fight against the frauds on Internet.
  2. within the framework of the associated services chosen by our customers to facilitate a transaction or to solve a possible dispute.
  3. in the hypothesis where the Moroccan law imposes it. 
  4. To answer an order emanating from a judicial decision or legal authorities

  By accepting general terms of sale, the customers give their consent to the use, by Viviano my, name specific data conceivingthem. To dig a service which corresponds to the needs for his customers, Viviano my can be brought to collect data relative to the fame and for his own services.

  These data will be used then only on an anonymous base and globalized. Viviano my can be brought to use the adapted technical means allowing him to personalize his services.
Brico Services S.A.R.L reserves the possibility of modifying or of updating the present Conditions of use of the site at any time and without advance notice.

  Customer accounts and data are protected by a password.

  The Internet users are the only responsible ones for the conservation of the confidentiality of their word of pass and/or for any information in touch with their profile. In case of oversight of their password, they have to contact Viviano my by e-mail or by telephone