Delivery & Return

Viviano's shoes are ready for delivery everywhere in Morocco or geographical situation of your country. They will be delivered to the delivery address which the intact will inform about the order form.

All the commands (orders) will be handled (treated) less than 24 hours (except Saturday and Sunday).

The delivery deadlines will be from 1 to 3 working days for Morocco and 3 in 10 days for the other countries, apply from the reception of the e-mail of confirmation of payment sent by

La delivery will be with a supplement of 49 Dhs only, and free for an amount more than 500 Dhs.

Chronopost international: the prices (prizes) of delivery are variable according to the geographical situation of your country as well as to the weight of your command (order). cannot be held responsible for delays of routing of the parcel.


If for a reason or an other one, you are not satisfied, you have 7 days as from the reception of the parcel to send back pairs of shoes. You can ask for the exchange or for the refund without penalties with the exception of the expenses of return.

Any article having been used can be neither sent back, nor exchanged. Articles must be sent back in mint condition, in their original packing’s and accompanied by their labels and documentation.


Credit card payment: the system of reassurance of the electronic payments set up by Fpay is certified by theCenter Interbank electronic banking (CMI) and by the Moroccan Banks as well as by the bodies internationaux VISA and MasterCard.

Payment by check/Or By Bank transfer: N of bank account will be communicated to you during confirmation of your order form.

Payment by payment or bank transfer: by choosing the option "payment or bank transfer", your order will then be recorded but not sent that after the call of our customer service within 24 hours which follow for confirmation. Later 3 in 7 Days, you will receive your parcel at home by our deliverers or Amana Express



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No datum obtained from this Site can be reproduced, sold, transferred, modified, redistributed, broadcast, published or exploited(run) commercially in any way without the prior and written authorization of Brico Services s.a.r.l.

PROTECTION OF GIVEN PERSONAL makes a commitment not to communicate the name specific data (name, address, telephone, email, etc.) or those relative to the payment who will have been passed on to him to some company  or third body that it is safe in the following cases:

1. within the framework of the fight against the frauds on Internet.
2. within the framework of the associated services chosen by our customers to facilitate a transaction or to solve a possible dispute.
3. in the hypothesis where the Moroccan law imposes it. 
4. To answer an order emanating from a judicial decision or legal authorities.

By accepting general terms of sale, the customers give their consent to the use, by Viviano my, name specific data conceivingthem. To dig a service which corresponds to the needs for his customers, Viviano my can be brought to collect data relative to the fame and for his own services.

These data will be used then only on an anonymous base and globalized. Viviano my can be brought to use the adapted technical means allowing him to personalize his services.
Brico Services S.A.R.L reserves the possibility of modifying or of updating the present Conditions of use of the site at any time and without advance notice.

Customer accounts and data are protected by a password. The Internet users are the only responsible ones for the conservation of the confidentiality of their word of pass and/or for any information in touch with their profile. In case of oversight of their password, they have to contact Viviano my by e-mail or by telephone.


The present conditions of use are subjected to the Moroccan law. In case of various relatives in the interpretation, the execution or the non-fulfillment of the present conditions of use, the Moroccan courts Casablanca is will be only competent.

· Select the product (s) of your choice
· Click the button 'Add to cart’
· Click ' to Continue my purchases ' or on 'Buy'
· Connect on your account then click «becomeidentified» or "join" (if you are not already a member)
· Specify the delivery address
· Choose your method of payment
· Click ' to Place order '.


By clicking the name of the product, you arrive on a descriptive index card. You will find a photo, a description, a data sheet, a list of the compatible accessories, the contents of the packaging, there etc.


Of a click on the link or on the button tocommand, the article of your choice is slid in your basket. The latter contains the products which you intend to buy. It is at any time possible to reach your basket (by clicking the button representing a basket) and to modify the contents by adding or by deleting an article.


Show your basket and click on validate your order. Unless you are already recorded on the site, seize your name, your e-mail addresses, with invoicing and with delivery. Opt then for a mode of delivery (post, relay parcel Kiala ...) and verify the cost.

Opt then for a mode of delivery (post (relay parcel Kiala) and verify the cost there. Then select the method of payment. If you pay by check, wait to receive the e-mail of confirmation of the seller and send your check to the address indicated by the site. If you want to settle by bank card, indicate the one which you have and validate. You are redirected in a reassured space in which you will have to seize the information of your card.

The number in sixteen figures, the date of validity and three last ones amount of the control number, or CVV2 (they appear in the back of the card , on the band ( on which you signed).

If you dread the hacking of your card, you can pay by banking e-carte. Your bank digs you then, on request, the references of a virtual card (valid only a few hours) which you seize instead of those of your own card.

The secure solutions of the type PayPal are also an alternative in the CB. You beforehand have to open then credit an account PayPal. To pay your purchases, you do not have more than to send to the seller (who also has to have an account PayPal) an e-mail authorizing this one to make transfer the amount of the command towards his own bank.


With a regulation by bank card, the validation of the command is generally almost immediate. He can however arrive that at the request of his insurer. The trader demands documentary evidences of your identity, susceptible to delay the delivery. In the minutes which follow the validation, an e-mail of confirmation recapitulating the command is sent to you.


If the product which you bought is not in stock, the retail website commands it at its tonsorial animal. Otherwise, he prepares immediately your parcel for the expedition in the warehouse where are stored all the products.


Most of the expeditions are realized by AMANA. Certain sites communicate you then a number of follow-up and a link towards a column of the site AMANA allowing you to know where is your parcel.


It is better to be at home during the delivery. Otherwise, with the Post office, you will have to go the next day to the office on which you depend to get back your command and with a carrier, you will be obliged to arrange an appointment. Think, before signing the delivery slip, of verifying that the article is not damaged so as to arrange you the possibility of obtaining a refund.