Richelieu-Clotaire black leather 2117


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Men's double buckle shoes.

Men's shoe two loops.
men's shoe 2 buckles leather black.

     Lace-up shoes whose vamp is stitched under the quarters. Considered as the ultimate elegant model, the black Clotaire brogue SKU 2117, you can wear classic double-buckles with jeans and a T-shirt or with a suit.

      The Men's and Women's Viviano Shoes Available online and in store in Morocco, all of them are made in one of the best factories of city shoes and subjected to a rigorous process of control quality. Teams of skilled workers carefully take care of every stage of production. Elegant, timeless and of superior quality, these shoes will last a lifetime if they are well maintained.

Boukoulou chris manuel


  • Je suis content d'acheter cette paires de chaussures je vis AIN SEBAA vers le café au OBAMA mon numero 0626851731



  • Bonjour je chausse du 45

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