Derby-Lagos Daim Marine 316


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Brown man shoes.

Classy shoes for men brown.
Brown leather shoes d- Lagos derby leather brown 316.

    Dress your foot modern, refined way by wearing this Derby-Lagos 316 navy suede that will give you a real Italian look. The perforations decorate with great style: a guarantee of quality, durability and elegance. These chic oxfords will soften a sophisticated costume. One can also wear them in a casual look, with a plain shirt over a raw denim.

     The Viviano shoes for men and women Available online and in store Moroccan shoes, all built according to the traditional technique, are manufactured in one of the best factories of city shoes and subject to a rigorous process of quality control . Teams of skilled workers carefully take care of every stage of production. Elegant, timeless and of superior quality, these shoes will last a lifetime if they are well maintained.

Brou Augustin


  • Très belles chaussures. Peut-on les trouver à Abidjan ?

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