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Shoe moccasins men.

Black Morgan Viviano.

Worked inside leather with a sole multimatiére leather, these collége Morgan 1544 black Leather are supple light and comfortable, they join with pants in jeans, in painting, either even with suits, they are pleasant in summer as when in winter.

Shoes moccasin for man of the mark  on-line Viviano Disponible and in store shoe Morocco, completely built according to the traditional technique, are made in one of the best factories of smart shoes and subjected to a rigorous control process of the quality. Teams of semi-skilled workers take care carefully of every stage of the production. Elegant, timeless and superior-quality, these moccasins will last a whole life if they are maintained well.

amal amal


  • bonjour, je voudrais savoir si vous avez des locaux ou magasins à fez pour acquérir des chaussures sur places, pour éviter les problèmes de pointures.

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